Women Body Acceptance


story from 12–01–2021        
(59 yo)


“I take care of my body and go regularly to gymnastics to maintain what I have – not to make my body firmer as I’m not sure this can really help, but just to be neat. Do I like it? Some parts I do, some I don’t. So far, I’ve enjoyed that I am rather slim.”

Every woman in the entire world can be a protagonist of our project. Women who are taking part in are overcoming their fears and break the barrier to decide on such an experience. They treat participation in it as a step towards acceptance, but also as a therapeutic session where you can talk about your life, body and acceptance problems.

Women Body Acceptance

Artistic, photographic and social project led by sisters which focuses on the normalization of the female body in society. We broaden the perspective of the canon of female beauty.

Women Body Acceptance
Photo Book

Unique, premiere edition of the photo book with full interviews of the first 7 heroines. Including exlusive,  unpublished material from the project. 

Printed on 14 x 18cm, highest quality photographic paper.
Linen book cover with silkscreen print on it.

The book is included on The Luupe list of the best photobooks by women + non-binary photographers in 2022.

We pledge to explore the subject of women’s body acceptance through discussion and action. For women, on their behalf and with their participation. Project has a social and research value. In addition to photos, we make interviews with women who tell their story and the approach to the subject of their own body.

We want women to open up to their bodies through conversations and photos and not be ashamed of their appearance. We want to break the dictum of shame, fear and non-acceptance. We want to talk about women's concerns, we want to stop judging ourselves and notice beauty and power of our bodies. Join the movement.

Marta Karkosa
Founder & photographer,
artist at heart


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