Women Body Acceptance

Marta Karkosa is a young artist based in Warsaw. She studied New Media Arts therefore, her interests lie in the topic of mixing visual arts, focusing most on analog photography. In her artistic projects, she works on the relationship between humans and bodies. The body, mainly female, has fascinated her for a long time and she works with it regularly, appreciating its structure, shape and material. She is looking for imperfections, naturalness, authenticity and the most interesting form that represents human’s individuality. Most of her work is focused on women, on the image of their body, its acceptance, delicacy and their relationship with their own femininity. In her photographs, she shows that man is incredibly diverse and fascinating and that his body is an inseparable part of him. Through photography, she explores the body-human relationship and documents the real body image.

By this project she pledges to explore the subject of women’s body acceptance through discussion and action. For women, on their behalf and with their participation. She wants women to open up to their bodies through conversations and photos and not be ashamed of their appearance.

︎ www.martakarkosa.com